Patrick Amiot Junk Art

Big Times Art Studio

The work of the junk artist Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent.


• Farmhouse Inn & Restaurant blog: WACKY WINE COUNTRY and JUNK ART...NOT KIDDING!

• New York Times article about Sebastopol: A New Destination for Food and Art in Sonoma

• San Francisco Chronicle (with lots of photos) about Patrick and Brigitte and their art: There's Art on Our Lawn

• Another SF Chronicle Piece by Michael Shapiro: Sebastopol's Inviting Bloom

• North Bay Bohemian (June 9-15, 2004) article by Michael Houghton: Wealth of Junk

• Sunset Magazine (March 2004) article by Michael Shapiro: Only in Sebastopol

• Fund raising for local schools was helped by Patrick's art being featured in calendars. For more info go to Folk Art for Schools

Patrick Amiot on KQED Arts.

Laughing Squid


Patrick's Gallery. A film by Willa Amorelli & Harry Zollinger

Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent © 2014