Amiot Tour

A guided tour of the sculptures of Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent.



About the Artists

Viewing etiquette: Most sculptures are on private property. Please do not enter any property but view the artwork from the road or sidewalk.

Sponsored by: Renga Arts

About the Artists

Patrick Amiot: Born 1959 in Montreal, Canada

Brigitte Laurent: Born 1961 in Montreal, Canada

Have lived in Sebastopol, California since 1997.

Our sculptures and wall reliefs are a collaborative effort of ideas and talents. Jointly conceived - Patrick sculpts and Brigitte paints.

We consider ourselves Urban Folk Artists and our work grabs peoples attention by overstating the obvious. The beauty of our surroundings is our inspiration: the colors, the countryside, the people with their personal and collective histories. Humor and inventiveness is a prominent aspect of our work. Our sculptures are not meant to challenge or confront. They are assemblages of re-imagined forms and materials designed to delight and inspire. This affords us the widest possible audience, from schoolchildren to the elderly. The young, and young-at-heard, react to the cartoon-like exuberance of our designs while mature individuals reconnect to their past, either by the subject matter or by a single object embedded in the work. Smiles form on their faces as they recognize the original function of an element and its new life in the sculptural form. Ours is an art that revels in the fundamental joy of creation.

Generally, our sculpture takes form using locally sourced scrap materials: mostly steel combined with a variety of found objects. The finish is a combination of as-found patina and applied multi-colored enamel paint. Occasionally, lighting and moving parts are incorporated as well.

We have participated in many single and group exhibitions in Europe, Canada and the United States over the past thirty years.

In addition to our work, we have collaborated with the Folk Art for Schools project over the past few years. They produce a calendar that comprised entirely of images of our popular sculpture. All proceeds go to local school programs. To date, nearly $500K has been raised.

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Sponsored by: Renga Arts